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There are times in which the use of a computer will serve us better than the use of a smartphone. The reason is that the larger size of the computer screen can make some functions much easier to use. What a computer lacks in portability is made up by its size.

Computers provide an easy way to write documents, do one's financial work, do photo editing, and on and on.

But, one of the most useful advantages of a computer (and of smartphones) is access to the internet and that access can open up a new world for us. The internet offers some amazing benefits which I will detail below and am happy to help you set up for their uses.


EMAIL - sometimes email just doesn't work the way you want or it has confusing messages. Let me take a look and demystify it for you.

FACEBOOK- this social media platform is one of the key avenues in which families and friends can be in touch with each other. So easy to use (once you learn how) and so satisfying in keeping connected.

ZOOM - Many of us had never heard of Zoom before the Covid-19 crisis but now probably everybody has used it or heard of it. Just like what Skype does, Zoom has also "infiltrated" business, education, and, well, almost eveywhere in life.


SKYPE- video chatting brings family and friends virtually to your home. Don't miss out on this opportunity. (Facetime and Google Hangouts are other avenues to have video conversations)

Watch this trailer to a touching documentary that showcases how older seniors benefited from learning how to use technology.

Cyber Seniors, Trailer


PINTEREST - Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas. It's a great way to look up recipes, woodworking projects, quilting ideas, sailing information and so much more. And you can create your own 'board' and 'pin' your own creations whether it's gardening images or sports quotes.


TWITTER - It's possible Twitter isn't exactly what you  think it is. Learn how to use Twitter and be amazed at how useful it can be...and entertaining, and informative.

YOUTUBE - Here you have a selection of millions of videos to watch for any interest you may have. AND you can upload (put on the internet) any of your own videos - public or private. There's a lot of fun to be had. Let's explore.

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