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From the chaos of New Delhi to the serenity at Stone Lagoon, I love to explore. One of my current fascinations is how technology can help us navigate life in a more satisfying manner.

Attending local schools from South Bay Elementary School to Humboldt State College (as it was called back then), I've also perused knowledge in a variety of disciplines.

I love the study of foreign languages and also the nuances of different dialects of English. I've taught Spanish and English as a Second Language, owned & operated local storefront businesses ( Jacques' European Bake Shop, Lil' Squirts, Sjaak's Fine Chocolates), participated in international library research, and have tried to learn to juggle little balls (to amuse the grandsons).

I have 2 beautiful daughters, a handsome son, a kind & generous son-in-law, a smart & gorgeous daughter-in-law and 3 delightful grandsons. They are all my delight.

With my background in education and with my latest interest being practical technology, I hope to offer assistance to those not as enamored as I am of the fast-paced technological revolution. 

I offer classes at OLLI at HSU in smartphones, social media, Google, etc.

Pam with Cylus & Eli
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