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"Sheltering" in Oregon, away from 

my North Coast home, I had been working for weeks to try to figure out how to join my t'ai qi class on my Samsung A20 via Zoom, getting nothing but increased frustration. Once introduced to Pam, she immediately gave me her time, patience and persistence to work it through. Connecting with my tai chi teacher and me together, the frustration ended when, with her instruction and advice, it worked....

consistently. Thanks so much, Pam!

            Ellie G

I have owned an android cell phone for several years and thought I knew its functions.  After taking Pam Holten's class I became aware of many other aspects of the the phone.  From apps to email to pictures I am now able to use the instrument in a more useful way.  Pam's use of handouts, projection, lecture and the fielding of the many questions of class participants are informative and provide a ready reference and encourage exploration.

       John Kulstad

In Pam's Android class we saw her talents as a teacher.  It was most helpful that she created a fun environment in which participants were able to share their experiences.  Yet, we still kept to the agenda.  This topic was complicated by the different software updates run on Android phones.  Pam knew well the functions of Android and was familiar with many of these differences.  She even offered to follow up on unanswered questions or issues.  Handouts provided additional extensive information and resources.  Thank you, Pam!


I so appreciate all that Pam has helped me with. Pam’s work is very holistic. She easily captures your need and highlights or lays down a trail or a track you can follow. She uplifts you during the process with her praise. I felt I am working with a very professional and gentle guide with a soft hand on the rudder.

                     Tana Johnson

Pam has helped me a lot with my android, first with not being so afraid of it.  She is so kind and I never felt like an aging dummy.  I'm looking forward to working with her one to one.
         Jane S. Wilson



If you have taken a class or two from Pam, then you already know what I am about to say:  She is kind.  She is safe.  You are allowed "not to know", and to take the time you need to learn and discover. She is most patient as she guides you through this "brave new world" of technology that we all live in. 


She gently assists you, not only in exploring the world of tablets, iPhones, androids, computers, etc. but also in letting go of whatever hidden critiques you have been secretly harboring of your own ineptness in these unfamiliar terrains.


With her grounded and settled presence, my fear of my new tablet quickly transformed to fun!  I know from talking with her that she has a quiet vision of her own, a passion and a purpose to her work, regarding Seniors becoming more comfortable with the technological world they live in, hence lowering their stress level, and contributing to their all-around health and well-being.  


Single-handedly, and in a matter of minutes, she lowered my stress level about finding my way around the new tablet.  I was amazed to find out how fun it was, with her help.  She brings unspoken respect and high regard for each person she works with, a judgment-free zone that makes learning something new pretty easy, and her delight in the technology is contagious.

       Glenda Hesseltine - tai chi instructor

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